Saturday, 1 January 2011

Drawing "module"

As part of my degree we had to do a sort of "drawing module", I do love drawing, but I didn't see it as a separate thing to my I got a bit shirty and decided to make dip pens and make scratchy marks with them and call that drawing (I had discovered I loved being in the metalwork room room and nothing could get me out of there easily)...All the objects above are my attempt to make pen nibs, using forged steel, nickel silver and brass rivets. I tried various ways to make ink reservoirs so I could draw for a long time without having to re-dip the nib. Joining other metals to steel proved trickier than I expected and I ended up breaking a lot of very fine drill bits as I wanted to connect them together with very fine copper rivets.

Both the pens above were made with two pieces of forged stell, held together by strips of wood and wire, the ones comes in a boxed set complete with blotting paper cleaning tools (as the steel soon went rusty if left).Fig A
The scissors, Fig C, were also forged and were for making holes in envelopes..more Mail Art influence.

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