Monday, 27 December 2010

Trying to keep a record

A few people (including John Hegley) have been saying for a few years now that I should have an online blog of my own work. Teaching has gradually taken away most of that part of my brain where I think about my own projects, but I am going to attempt to bring it back to life in 2011. Starting off by showing a photo of my work bench that awaits me. Archie has been using it more then I have the last few weeks.
I will post some of my old work.. and write a little about each piece too.
I have a number of new pieces of work on the go, all influenced by the Mary Greg collection at Manchester Art Gallery, little spools of paper with shopping lists on and the start of a mending kit.
My workbench hasn't changed much since I was at the RCA in its layout, I still use the same hammer, pliers and piercing saw I used then. I always have a sketch book on the table next to me and radio 4 playing in the background...the more boring the story the more work I get done as I don't mind if I make a lot of noise...
I have the heater on in there should be warm in an hour.

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